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Capsule Door Closer


Capsule Door Closer

Original price was: ₹250.00.Current price is: ₹150.00.

Capsule Door Closer – Description

Introducing our capsule door closer, which is suitable for PVC and light doors. With its adjustable speed and brown iron body, this mechanical closer is ideal for small doors. Ensure dependable and smooth shutting with this compact and sturdy solution.

The Centre Capsule door closer is more than simply a door closer; it is also an adequate security precaution for small or light doors. Its solid brown iron body and compact yet powerful construction ensure it can do the job, providing security and convenience for your doors.

Upgrade your door system with our Light Duty Door Closer, which provides an ideal balance of practicality, durability, and aesthetics for your light doors. Experience the ease of a smoothly closing door combined with the dependability of mechanical spring operation.


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