Lorry Hinges


Lorry Hinges


Size |11/2″ 2″

Type | Heavy & Light

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Lorry Hinges – Description

Lorry hinges are essential in truck design, allowing doors to open and close smoothly. Available in many sizes and finishes. These hinges bear heavy doors’ weight, ensuring vehicle durability and reliability. Typically made from strong materials such as steel, these hinges undergo rigorous testing to withstand constant use and harsh conditions on the road. Their design includes pivot points that enable the door’s movement, facilitating easy loading and unloading of cargo. 

Our products are widely regarded in the market due to their accurate dimensions. Efficient lorry hinges contribute to trucks’ overall functionality and safety, ensuring secure closure during transit, minimizing the risk of accidents, and maintaining the integrity of transported goods.

Product Type

Lorry Hinge, Lorry Hinge H

Product Material

Mild Steel

Product Size

1.5", 2.5", 2"


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