Piano Hinges


Piano Hinges

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Finish | MS, Nikel, PC, Chrome, Plain, Zinc, SS

Type | Heavy , Light

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Piano Hinges – Description

Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, are long, slender hinges used to join two objects along their entire length. They are named “piano” hinges due to their common use in piano lids. Typically made of durable materials like steel or brass, these hinges consist of two interlocking metal strips with multiple knuckles. 

Their design allows for smooth, seamless movement without sagging or binding. We manufacture Stainless Steel Piano hinges from premium quality raw material, and they can customized in various forms, such as different shapes, sizes, dimensions, thicknesses, and lengths as per your requirements. Besides, these products provide strength, stability, and aesthetic appeal, making these popular hinges. 


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